Vector Industries International

                      Total Security Solutions

Full color 1080P HD resolution provides indisputable evidence for any surveillance need. Vector Vision’s state of the art cameras systems are completely customizable and are designed for wireless or wired networks.

Vector Vision Laser cameras identify what thermal cameras can only detect. Vector Vision laser cameras can provide from 1080P up to 4K HD video return. Cameras can also be equipped with Fog Penetration to see through most fog types

6th generation VIPER VOX is the latest thermal technology. Viper VOX brings a new 640x512 standard  resolution and unequaled detection capability. Operating at up to 25 HZ the Viper VOX  is the new pinnacle in thermal technology.

Vector Vision Laser Anti-Fog cameras can  see through 4-6 km of most fog types. This evolution in navigation is adding new levels of safety to worldwide maritime activities.  

Vector Vision  automotive adaptive viewing technology  (AAVT) senses the viewing environment and provides an adaptive video output to see through fog, light rain, haze, with 1080P day and night vision in full color.